great tasting coffee begins with the best beans, but it's the art of roasting that's essential in producing the perfect cup

Barbara Croce, Founder

world exclusive microlots

We’ve travelled the earth to find the best coffee beans available and made incredible relationships with the speciality coffee farmers that harvest them. By securing exclusive microlots with trusted farmers, we ensure the same amazing quality in each of our roasts, every time.

global expeditions

the best the world has to offer

Coffee is an exploration of flavour and to get the best coffee experience, you need to travel around the world to experiment what, each coffee growing country has to offer. We’ve done the hard work for you, trying countless beans from all corners of the globe to bring you incredibly unique and distinct flavours that will make you rethink everything, you thought you knew about coffee.

selection perfection

before the roast

It’s not simply the country that factors into the flavour of your coffee. Everything from the altitude it’s grown at to the soil it originates and the techniques used to farm it, make a distinct mark on its flavour. We only select ripe beans from altitudes where they grow at their finest to bring you the smoothest coffee with anything from chocolate to fruity notes that you won’t experience anywhere else.

art, science and passion

the roast

Coffee from the big corporations use beans that are harvested from multiple lots and origins and may be ripe, raw or anything in between. These beans are roasted beyond reason and give you the bitter taste that one or more sugars are typically used to balance. Gold Box uses only ripe beans that we roast to perfection, ensuring our coffee is as pure and vibrant as it was destined to be. There’s a science and passion that goes into every complex step that cannot be replicated by anybody else.

time to taste

our coffee customers

You can try our coffee a number of ways from visiting one of our two Roastery’s and see how we do, what we do, to ordering online from our shop (coming very soon). You can also try our coffee in a number of outlets and cafe’s that we work with, in supplying our coffee. You really need to taste Gold Box Coffee to experience everything it has to offer. Get in touch today to find out more or follow our journey’s on Instagram.

award winning

Brewers Cup Champion 2016 / 2017
UAE Barista Champion 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019
UAE National Barista Champion 2018 / 2019
Cup Tasters Champion 2018 / 2019

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