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Fazenda Freitas Lot 2

Milk Chocolate, Wild Cherry, Buttery Biscuits.

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Fazenda Freitas

In 2017 the farm they produced the winning Cup of Excellence Pulped Natural coffee. Now they have constructed there own lab on the farm to cup and assess their experiments giving greater versatility to choosing processes during the harvest.

In the micro region of Fazenda Freitas Gabriel & Nunes feel they have an excellent climate especially during the harvest which has little rain allowing them to experiment with the coffees in a stable environment.

The coffee was selectively picked, washed to remove dust, dirt and floaters and then placed in grainpro bags. Air was removed from the bags and the coffee was left to ferment for 36 hours in the shade of a tree. Following fermentation, the coffee was removed from the bags and dried on patios for 22 days. After this the coffee is then rested in Silos for 30 days to settle.

Tasting Notes

Milk Chocolate, Wild Cherry, Buttery Biscuits.

Origin - Brazil

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Freitas Lot 2

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