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Ethiopia Hambela Halaka

Sweet and complex fusion of Blueberry and lavender with pronounced passionfruit acidity

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Halaka is an area in Guji, Southern Ethiopia, where Buno General Trading has a small washing station and parchment storage warehouse. Coffee production is growing here, with more and more land in the area becoming suitable for growing coffee due to climate change. The washing station sits at 1990masl but most of the coffee comes from producers above this. Producers in this area tend to have a lot more land than in other parts of Guji and across Ethiopia, with most producers that deliver to this station having between 2 and 10 hectares of land. Not only does this make it more sustainable and profitable for producers, but also allows Buno General Trading to train farmers on quality best practices more easily and thoroughly.

  • Variety Heirloom
  • Preparation Natural
  • Altitude 1950 - 2150 MASL
  • Harvest JANUARY - MARCH

Tasting Notes

  • Acidity 6.5 - 7 Medium.
  • Sweetness 8 - 8.5 Notes of Blueberry and Lavender.
  • Character 8.75 Outstanding in all brewing methods
  • Body 7-8 Medium body, super sweet. pleasant.
  • Balance 7.75 - 8 Great balance.
  • Recommended as Espresso, Milk Base, Cold Brew

Origin - Ethiopia

Hambela Halaka

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