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El Salvador Bosque Lya

Red fruit sweetness with a chocolate finish.

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Finca Bosque Lya achieved fame in specialty coffee circles when it took first place in the 2004 Cup of Excellence. Whilst he competition’s focus is all about cupping, if extra points were awarded for a farm’s beauty then Bosque Lya would be in an even stronger position. This is a 96 hectare farm - 64 of which are dedicated to coffee, the balance being left as natural rainforest. However, in many parts of the farm it is difficult to recognise what is pure forest and what isn’t, since so many shade trees are used. There is an abundance of wildlife including birds such as humming birds, orioles and hawks and many migratory species. Mammals include wild cats, armadillos, deer and possum. There are endless beautiful flowers including colourful rare orchids and epiphytes that grow on the branches of the trees. The views from this farm are also jaw dropping, with the mountains and volcanoes of west El Salvador and Guatemala on the horizon. The towering El Chingo Volcano takes centre stage in this dramatic scene.

  • Variety Bourbon
  • Preparation Washed
  • Altitude 1470 - 1650 MASL
  • Harvest JANUARY - MARCH

Tasting Notes

  • Acidity 6.5 - 7 Medium.
  • Sweetness 8 - 8.5 Notes of red fruit
  • Character 8 Tofee, Chocolate & Caramel on the darker side.
  • Body 7-8 Medium body, pleasant.
  • Balance 7.5 - 8 Good balance.
  • Recommended as Espresso, Milk Base, Cold Brew

Origin - El Salvador

Bosque Lya