About GBR Dubai

At Gold Box Coffee Roastery we’re firmly focused on roasting some of the finest speciality coffees from around the world. We consider roasting to be both an art and a science and almost every day we spend our time scrutinizing and agonising over the tiniest of details as we coax out the complex flavours locked within our beans.

We always aim to showcase the world’s best specialty coffees and provide baristas with beans that they can be proud of - as they in turn apply their own skills to deliver the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Innovators

Our work starts long before the coffee arrives into our roastery. Even as it is being harvested, in faraway tropical lands, we are talking with the farmers that grow our beans. We know that these farmers are the heroes of our trade without whom we could not run our business. As such we travel the world to visit them, we cup endless samples and always pay sustainable prices to ensure their efforts are rewarded fairly so that their farms can thrive for generations to come. We encourage experimentation and innovation and are always happy to trial new and interesting coffees produced using different processing techniques and rare varietals.

At Gold Box Roastery Dubai we understand the needs of the modern barista - since we started our coffee journey as baristas ourselves - and as such offer training and in-house quality control for newcomers to the coffee industry.

We welcome visitors to our roastery so please come on over and cup with us – and we’ll let the coffee do the talking.

Gold Box Roastery also provides a host of services...

Selecting the right machinery for your business

Fitting out of the Espresso Bar

Selecting & Training the baristas

Quality Control

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