Kalita Wave steel 185 stainless steel

Kalita Wave steel 185 stainless steel

Gold Box Roastery Dubai is pleased to present to you the Kalita Wave. This is a flat three holed bottom brewer, unlike the cone versions available with things like the V60 or chemex, which means the coffee is in contact with the water in a different way.

It also uses filters with a 'wave' technology, which also changes the way the brew extracts.

You can brew directly into a cup / mug or capture in a carafe.

Please note instructions are in Japanese. Brew ratios to start weights are similar to that of the V60 - Chemex of 60g of coffee per ltr. It's not difficult to work out and we will be making a brew guide for you to watch and enjoy.

155 size = 300ml - 500ml of final brew
185 size = 500ml - 750ml of final brew

Dishwasher safe: yes